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Course     : Linux Base Mobile Computing Technology using Simputer  - Download PDF

Duration     : 3 days (5-7hrs/day)
Dates        : As per mutual agreement
Time          : 5 Hr/Day (Minimum)
Eligibility     : BE/BTech/ME/MTech (CSE / E&TC / Electronics) Thrid, Final year students.
Key Objectives     : 
   1. Learn about Key principles of Linux base Embedded OS.
   2. Learn how to build a handheld/mobile embedded system, Simputer.
   3. Learn how to develop applications on mobile handheld devices.
   4. Learn about open source Micro-controller tools

Results      : At the end of training session you will be able to build an advanced mobile computing embedded system. Students will get                   benefit of early  knowledge before going to Industry.
Skills developed :
   1.Mobile application Development
   2.Designing a Linux base embedded system
   3.Open Source Software Skills

 •Introduction To Embedded System
 •Introduction To Open Source S/W
 •Importance of Linux base Mobile handheld Computing      Technology and Development

Linux Operating System Fundamentals
•Linux OS Design Flow
 •Process and Threads
 •Signal Handling
 •Interrupt Management
 •Memory Management
 •File System and Implementation
System Call Interface
Inter Process Communication
I/O Subsystem
Network And Security

Introduction to ARM-GCC Cross Compilation Tool chain and Environment
 •ARM-GCC Cross Compiler
Installation of ARM-GCC Cross Compilation Tool  chain

Introduction To Mobile Handheld Device Platform, Simputer
 •Simputer Overview
 •Simputer OS Design
 •File system in Simputer
 •Programming On Simputer
 •Communication between Simputer and host machine
LAB-Compile and Run programs on Simputer mobile device
LAB- Mincom Configuration for communication between Simputer and host machine

Introduction To PXA Microcontroller (Advanced ARM Processor) in Simputer
 •Architecture of PXA255 Microcontroller
 •GPIO pin Configuration in PXA255

Introduction To Graphical User Interface, GTK for mobile devices
 •GNOME Development Tool Kit (GTK) Libraries and        Utilities
 •GTK Programming
 LAB- Develop GTK Applications for Simputer mobile  device

Introduction To Smartcard Operating System
 •Smartcard Overview
 •Smartcard OS Fundamentals
 •Smartcard Libraries and Functions
 •Smartcard programming
 LAB- Develop Smartcard reader and writer application  for mobile device, Simputer

Configuration and Compilation Of Linux Kernel for Simputer mobile device
 •Configuration Of Linux OS
 •Compilation Of Linux OS
 •Study Linux Kernel Makefile
 LAB- Install Kernel Cross Compilation Tool chain and  compile the kernel for Simputer

Implementation Of Device Driver and modules for Simputer mobile device
 •Device Driver Development
 •Kernel Module Development
 LAB- How to write, compile and run  device driver
 LAB- How to write and add modules in kernel space

References and Guideline for Linux base Embedded System

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