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Scitech Park along with +STEP-IIT Kharagpur has helped Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation in building of world-class infrastructure by way of installing Autocluster. The technology for quickly developing the product to pre-estimate the product characteristics like shape, manufacturability has been developed. This autocluster is being set up with the idea of enhancing the global competitiveness of the Pune auto industry by providing quality infrastructure through public private partnership. This would include common facilities for design, development, testing, measurement and rapid prototyping among other things to small and medium scale enterprises.  We conduct training cources at STP with prior notice as per requirement. We also provide on site training at engineering collage/University campus and help institution to setup advance Mobile computing Lab, VLSI, Real Time Operating system LAB. This will help students to develop application in house. We also promote users to contribute to open source software and effective use of it. All above labs are architected with the help of Open Source software to minimize the expenditure cost of institution
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Embedded System 

Linux Operating System Introduction and Programming - pdf (download) 
Real Time Operating System on ARM  - pdf (download)
Linux base Mobile Computing Technology using Simputer - pdf (download)
Linux Device Driver Programming - pdf (download)
Embedded Systems - pdf (download)

IC design and Verification

Digital Design
Verilog HDL for Design and Verification (VLSI) - pdf (download)
VHDL for Design and Verification (VLSI) - pdf (download)
Digital Design and Synthesis on FPGA/CPLD - pdf (download) (coming soon)
Advanced VLSI Design and Verification using System Verilog - pdf (download) (coming soon)
Advanced VLSI Verification using UVM - pdf (download) (coming soon)

Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing fundamentals(DSP) - pdf ( Download) (coming soon)
Application Oriented Digital Signal Processing - pdf ( Download) (coming soon)

Advantages of training to academics

      • What is important to you?
        • In the current environment of global downturn it is necessary for all engineers to have latest upgraded knowledge to survive, and get excellent opportunity to work with hi-profile organizations.

        What is real issue you are facing?
        • Due to lack of good connectivity between academics and industry, sometimes it is not possible to learn all advance technologies to the extent, and implement it.
        • In this situation large amount of money spend by your university and college on you in the form of LAB/TOOLS/Advance devices and other infrastructure remains underutilized.
        What you try to do in this situation?
        • To get this level of knowledge one has to approach training institute, this involves high money as well as time after graduation.
        • This delay to fetch a job adds more competitors to you.

        What we are trying to do?
        • We are trying to minimize the gap between students and industry level knowledge. 
        • We are confident if student takes crash courses arranged by us, during graduation. They will find proper study direction to the subject. It will help in enhancing the knowledge and expertise by using university and collage infrastructure efficiently without paying extra amount.
        • Course will guide and help you architecting and selecting domain in which you want to work and be expert.

        What you will achieve out of this?
        • This will be a common training activity for CSE and electronics students. It will be added advantage for their curriculum and they will get good opportunities in the best organizations to work with based on knowledge.
        • Though this activity will be added advantage, it is not out of syllabus and scope for students.
        • Students will get enough idea and time to decide domain to work in future.
        • Biggest plus point of this activity is students are going to save time and money to learn about latest technology and he/she could take decision in early phase of life.
        • iMCT is the 1st  organization who is delivering such  training programs based on industry projects and not available in the educational system till the date at such a low cost solutions.
        • In some cases iMCT will help in setting up lab and this will help students to do experiments in house rather then going out for some institute.
        • Training will be given by iMCT’s highly experience engineering resource.

Advantages of training to Industry people

iMCT has highly experience consultants on board with total 20+ man years experience in the domain of Embedded system and IC design. Our experience will help speeding up ongoing projects and solving complicated problems in flow.

Along with training we do consultation in the various areas of IC design from Verification to synthesis, Analog design. You can utilize our expertise at very low cost.

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