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Course     : Real Time Operating System (RTOS) with ARM 7 - Download PDF

Duration     : 3 days (5-7hrs/day)
Dates        : As per mutual agreement
Time          : 5 Hr/Day (Minimum)
Eligibility     : BE/BTech/ME/MTech (CSE / E&TC / Electronics) Thrid, Final year students.
Key Objectives     :
                1. Learn key principles of Micro-controller and RTOS
                2. Learn how to built embedded system
                3. Learn open source Micro-controller(ARM-7) tool-chain
                4. Learn Linux based systems

Results      : At the end of training session student will be able to built RTOS based embedded system
Skills developed :
   1.Knowledge of RTOS
   2.Open Source Software and tool-chain
   3.ARM architecture introduction

 •Importance Of Real Time OS
 •Introduction To Open Source S/W
 •Introduction To Real Time OS

 •Importance of Linux base Mobile handheld Computing      Technology and Development

Operating System Fundamentals
 •Process and Threads
 •Signal Handling
 •Interrupt Management
 •Memory Management
 •File System and Implementation
System Call Interface
Inter Process Communication
I/O Subsystem
Network And Security

Discuss the Concept of porting
 •Components for porting Open Source RTOS on ARM7

Structure and implementation of  open source RTOS
 •RTOS Source Organization
 •File System in RTOS
 •Configuration Of RTOS
 •Implementation Of RTOS

Introduction to ARM-GCC Cross Compilation Tool chain and Environment
 •ARM-GCC Cross Compiler
 •Cygwin Enviornment
 •Flash Magic Download Utility
 LAB- Installation of ARM-GCC Cross Compilation Tool chain
 LAB- Install Cygwin Environment
 LAB- Install Flash download Utility
Introduction to the target platform, ARM7 Architecture
 •Architecture Of ARM7 Processor
 •Pipelining in ARM7
 •Thumb Mode of ARM7
 •Instruction Set for ARM7
 •Memory mapping in ARM7

Port RTOS on ARM Board
•Steps For porting RTOS On ARM7
LAB- Port Open Source RTOS On ARM Board

Real Time Operating Fundamentals
 •Task Management
LAB-How to create Tasks?
LAB-How to assign priorities to Tasks?
 •Interrupt/Event Management
 •Memory Management
 •Context Switching
LAB-How handle multitasking in RTOS?
 •Inter Process/Task Communication (IPC)
LAB-Semaphore Implementation
LAB-Message Queue Implementation
LAB-How to create co-routine in RTOS?
 •Real Time Scheduling Algorithms
 •Priority Inversion
 •Interrupt and Dispatch Latency

References and Guideline for RTOS

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